Report – State of the World’s Mothers 2013: Surviving the First Day

The Save the Children’s 14th Annual State of the World’s Mothers Report was released recently. Through collaborative efforts between governments, communities and non-governmental organizations, the world has made unprecedented progress in reducing overall maternal and child deaths since 1990. For example, the annual number of deaths among under-5 children reduced by 40%  – from 12 million to 6.9 million, while the annual deaths among mothers declined by 50% –  from 543 000 to 287 000. The report however acknowledges that less progress has been made among newborns.

More than 1 million babies die on the first day of life – making the birth day the most dangerous day for babies in nearly every country, rich and poor alike.

The report titled “State of the World’s Mothers 2013: Surviving the First Day” ranked Nigeria 169 on the Mothers’ Index out of the 176 countries assessed in key areas such as mother’s health, education and economic status, as well as critical child indicators of health and nutrition.


Top 10Bottom 10
1Finland167Cote d'Ivoire
5Netherlands171Central African Republic
8Belgium174Sierra Leone
10Australia176DR Congo

The report further advocates:

These statistics go far beyond mere numbers. The human despair, lost opportunities and impaired economic growth represented in these numbers demand mothers, families and communities everywhere be given the basic tools they need to break the cycle of poverty and improve the quality of life for themselves, their children, and for generations to come.

Read and download the entire report here.