Business Opportunity in Reinventing Africa’s Health Systems

Chuck Slaughter writing on ForumBlog:

The private sector may be filling the gap (in healthcare), but it is not solving the problem. Private healthcare providers are plagued by excessive fragmentation and little to no oversight, resulting in high prices and poor quality…..Sounds pretty grim, doesn’t it? It is. But healthcare in Africa is also an enormous opportunity.

Excessive fragmentation, high prices and low quality are the telltale signs of a market ripe for radical disruption. Dysfunctional markets provide fertile ground for innovation. The opportunity to reinvent healthcare in Africa is there for the taking. And social entrepreneurs are leading the way.Powerful, mission-driven models focused on market-based solutions are disrupting broken health systems throughout the developing world.

…….As African economies continue to improve, the demand for healthcare across all sectors is sure to grow. The International Finance Corporation estimates that the market for healthcare will increase to US$ 35 billion by 2016. Those who create, support and invest in powerful new models stand to benefit – as do the millions of healthcare consumers all across the continent.

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