EBOLA: How Global Institutions Fail Third World Nations

While thousands are dying of Ebola hemorrhagic fever in Africa, top tier World Health Organization (WHO) leaders are sitting around in Geneva pushing files, sharpening pencils, getting facials, pedicure, manicure, and giving a mountain of excuses to cover their calamitous failures in Africa.

Can someone explain to me why a global health agency that has been in existence for decades has not commissioned a study on a dangerous viral disease that has killed millions of people over the decades? Compare that to a few years ago when the SARS virus emerged in the Far East and was quickly eradicated. The WHO approach to the Ebola pandemic is not to eradicate the virus, but to contain it in Africa; create concentration camps in Africa, round up affected patients and their traumatized contacts, seal the gates, and let them all die off, and then cremate their bodies like the Nazis did.

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The Obesity-Industrial Complex of North America

Image Courtesy of compassionatenutritionist.com

The relentless obesity epidemic in North America has turned into a cash cow for fast-thinking obesity ‘experts’ scattered all over the continent. These ‘experts’, make Eisenhower’s military-industrial complex look like a walk in the park. Most of these weight-loss messiahs are either physicians, or paramedical professionals who run around North America with their bullhorns touting their discovery of the Holy Grail of obesity cures. Their work is made much easier as the stigma associated with obesity forces most obese people to cling to the promises of these ‘experts’ like a traveler clutches his water bottle on a trek across the Sahara Desert. Continue Reading